Quote of the Day | Marvel Bullpen as marketing tool

... to extol the virtues of these creators would seem to have the potential to drive people to more consumption of Marvel product. No, it's not 1.5 billion dollars in movie tickets, but I know I've bought Disney-related material presented to me via the idea of the Nine Old Men; I don't know why Marvel Bullpen isn't a similar organizing principle for that company.

-- Tom Spurgeon, explaining why it's weird that Marvel Studios doesn't make a bigger deal about the creators of its characters.

It makes sense, right? I don't know when the last Visionaries collection came out, but at one point Marvel saw potential in marketing comics based on the names of legendary creators. Think how much better those collections could sell if the names were known by the general public. Seems like an opportunity for corporate synergy that they're just walking away from for no reason that's been explained very well.

(Bullpen photos via The Kirby Museum)


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