Quote of the Day | Marketing to women doesn't equal alienating men

... I’m pretty familiar with marketing being done without impacting a brand. And that’s why the idea that DC [...] “risks” alienating boys by [...] marketing to women flies in the face of brands that were more testorone filled than DC Comics will ever be; more focused on “entertainment for boys.” The NFL and NASCAR [are] doing pretty damn good expanding their marketing and not alienating their core audiences [or] diluting their brand.

-- Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, responding to Heidi MacDonald's assertion that DC and Marvel not targeting female readers "isn’t an accident. It’s a program."

Sue's quote is especially interesting as she's one of the "superhero suffragettes" that MacDonald mentioned in her article. It's also cool that she and MacDonald -- while fundamentally disagreeing about the prospects for change -- obviously respect each other and are presenting their arguments accordingly.

Sue goes on to show how things have changed at DC in particular, citing the publisher's large number of female-led series, female-friendly programming on DC Nation, the success of the Smallville digital comic (based on a show with a large female audience), and a recent quote by Ann Nocenti in which the new Catwoman writer says, "“I think they reached out to me partly for that reason … as an effort to bring female perspective into comics.”

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