Quote of the day | Mark Millar on the <i>Green Lantern</i> movie

"I hereby declare Green Lantern the worst superhero movie ever made. And yes I count The Phantom and The Shadow as superhero movies. Green Lantern was the cheapest-looking 300 million dollar movie I've ever seen. Why didn't they give that money (to) Africa? It had a couple of good moments, all coming from Mark Strong. But oh man. It was just such an ODD movie. Like it travelled here from a parallel universe where they made a Green Lantern movie in 1995. But it was only eight quid and thus worth it. And I know I'll go and see it again :)"

--Comics writer Mark Millar, reviewing in a few quick tweets this weekend's big movie release, Green Lantern. Millar's not the only one who found the movie lacking, as witnessed on review aggregation sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. The less-than-stellar reviews, combined with what looks to be a very nice weekend in my neck of the woods, will likely keep me out of the movie theater, but I believe our own Tom Bondurant will have a review.

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