Quote of the day | Mark Evanier on Kirby and the Captain America kerfuffle

"Well, since Jack's been dead now for sixteen years, he's even less qualified to discuss that comic than I am. But on at least two message boards, folks are debating what he would have said and how his politics would be described in today's political environment. Again, I can't say. Jack is not in today's political environment. When I knew him he was a solid, lifelong Liberal Democrat. Would he still be? Who knows? [...]

I see no reason to presume Jack would have changed ... or that any change would not have taken him towards more progressive ground. But I'm not going to sit here and tell you any particular change could never have occurred. About the only thing I'm reasonably sure of in this area is that there is nothing that could have ever happened, up to and including a complete personality transformation, that would have caused Kirby to not despise Richard Nixon."

-- writer Mark Evanier, friend and biographer of Jack Kirby,on what Captain America's co-creator might have thought about the current Tea Party controversy

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