Quote of the day | Mark Evanier on Jerry Robinson

"What struck me in all the phone interviews was what a small fraction of Jerry's life was getting covered. I don't think most people realize how politically involved he was in issues of Free Speech (especially that of cartoonists) in countries where they don't cotton to any kind of dissent. I don't think most folks know how involved he was in the mid-seventies campaign to establish a credit line and pensions for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster on Superman. Most folks know that Neal Adams spearheaded that campaign and his efforts were vital in making Time-Warner realize that a horrendous situation had to be rectified and put right. Not to take anything away from Neal but it was Jerry Robinson who negotiated with senior Time-Warner execs of behalf of Siegel and Shuster. It was Jerry who closed the deal."

-- Mark Evanier, reflecting on the accomplishments of legendary artist Jerry Robinson,who passed away Wednesday at age 89

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