Quote of the Day | Kelly Sue DeConnick on Carol Danvers

There are some punk-rock girls on Tumblr who think McGuinness’ covers are the best things they’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. Then there are some dudes in their 40s who like big hair and big boobs and aren’t crazy about it. And I get it. If this your favorite superhero, you want to like looking at them, but we can’t please everybody. It’s sort of like the weather in Portland … if you don’t like it, just wait a while. Someone will do something that you like. And with the costume … You know, the market will dictate that. If people don’t like it, then she’ll be back in the lightning bolt suit. Let’s just see how it goes.

-- Kelly Sue DeConnick, on Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel

You should definitely read the entire interview, as DeConnick has really gotten into her character's skin. But I thought this reflection on external appearances was interesting as well — both the importance of the immediate visual impact of the character and the acknowledgement that fan reaction does have an impact.

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