Quote of the day | Kate Beaton on sexist "compliments"

"dear internet, you are well meaning, but I'd like to make a point. when you tell a female creator you like her work so much you want to marry her and have her babies, you're not doing anyone any favors. first of all, as cute as it sounds in your head, it's a shitty, disrespectful 'compliment.' No one makes comics looking for sexual attention. secondly, by doing so you invite others to critique that person's works based on their looks, which is uncomfortable, sexist and unfair."

--Hark, a Vagrant! cartoonist Kate Beaton, on the obliviously sexist compliments with which women creators are bombarded every day. (And yes, she knows these people don't literally want to marry her and have her babies.)

A useful rule of thumb when discussing the work of a woman artist, positively or negatively, is to ask yourself if what you're about to say would apply to identical work that just so happened to have been created by a man. If the answer is "no," then you're not talking about the work at all.

I was bummed to see that Beaton got a lot of pushback on this topic, too. Even putting issues of sexism aside, refraining from doing something that makes someone else uncomfortable, when there's no possible way that refraining from it negatively affects you -- that's just simple common decency.

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