Quote of the day | Joss Whedon on fandom and the 'immortal' Bendis

"I guess the thing that I want to say about fandom is that it’s the closest thing to religion there is that isn’t actually religion. The love of something and what it’s trying to accomplish or mean are usually very separate. The people who are like, 'Well you can’t do it. That staircase was seven steps, not five.' They totally missed the point of this. When I first met the comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, we were talking about comics and he told me his favorite letter was, 'Daredevil would never say that. Die. Die. Why can’t you just die?' [...] And Bendis can’t, by the way. Sunlight, stake through the heart, beheading, he won’t die. He’s actually very powerful. [...] Yeah, you know, he likes to get his head cut off at parties. But that thing of needing to replicate and to venerate this thing that we love isn’t about that thing’s philosophy. Those two things are separate. Hopefully, the idea in Buffy was that they were so entwined that there wouldn’t be people who loved that show excessively that didn’t get it."

-- Joss Whedon, discussing The Avengers, comic books, fandom and abusing language with Wired

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