Quote of the day | Is Riverdale becoming a 'lefty utopia'?

“We are progressive, and we do reflect what’s going on with the kids today, but we also have that Mayberry R.F.D. vibe, and that will never change either. Riverdale is a place where everyone is welcome, everyone’s included, and you’re not judged by anything but the content of your character.”

-- Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater, in a column at Slate.com in which writer Ruth Graham observes a shift to the left in Riverdale with the introduction, and subsequent marriage, of gay character Kevin Keller, the wedding of Archie and Valerie, and the arrival of the Occupy movement. Goldwater points out, however, that Archie isn't a Democrat; he's an independent: "“Archie goes with whomever is doing the right thing for his friends, for his town, and for his family."

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