Quote of the day II | A WildStorm hits Kurt Busiek

"Hoping for the best for friends at Wildstorm, and the business side of DC...All I know about this, I've learned from Twitter. I assume I'll find out more when the guys at Wildstorm have dealt with whatever eruptions this is causing for them.

"To all who've been asking: They haven't said anything yet about creator-owned Wildstorm books. Presumably they want to talk to us first. And right now, they're busy absorbing what this means for them. So I doubt I'll know anything for a day or two."

--Astro City writer Kurt Busiek, whose guess as to how the move of much of DC's business end to Burbank and the closure of WildStorm will impact his colleagues -- not to mention on his long-running creator-owned title, heretofore published through that imprint -- is apparently as good as ours.

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