Quote of the day | High fives for ugliness

... given the shower of riches the industry has seen, the fact that the families of the primary creators have been reduced to seeking legal redress or making threats of same for four decades now is a total embarrassment for comics, and any company seeking a press high-five on their latest win in an ugly, pathetic spectacle like this one should be stared at as if they're crazy rather than given one back.

--Tom Spurgeon, who's been helping David Brothers wave this banner all week.

It's impressive that neither writer is calling for a massive boycott of anyone's comics. That's got to be tempting, but those kinds of calls can end up taking the conversation off the problem by putting it on the consumer. People on the fence about the issue can feel judged and resentful and even those who agree with the reasons for the hypothetical boycott often despair that it won't do any good anyway, so what's the point?

What Brothers and Spurgeon are doing is simply refusing to shut up about it. That gives the rest of us room to think and consider our own courses of action without shoving us into a corner and declaring that there's only one appropriate way out of it. But it also doesn't let us off the hook to pretend there's not a huge problem.

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