Quote of the day | Grant Morrison on </i>Watchmen 2</i>

[Bobsy:] The bloke in my local comic shop was sure that [Morrison's upcoming DC miniseries] Multiversity was just a smokescreen and that you were going to be writing a sequel to Watchmen.

[Morrison:] Yeah?


No, they asked me to do that, and I said, "Why would you want a sequel to Watchmen?" [Laughs] No, I mean, c'mon. Watchmen is actually perfect in its construction. I mean, not necessarily in other areas, obviously, but as a story it's complete, it's utterly circular, and there's absolutely no need for anything else in it.

--Superstar writer Grant Morrison on being pitched the much-rumored Watchmen sequel-writing gig by DC, in conversation with Bobsy and Gary Lactus of the Mindless Ones blog. The Mindless Ones' interview with Morrison on the occasion of his (absolutely delightful) new prose book on superheroes Supergods is only available in audio form right now, but it's well worth listening to while you wait for a full transcript to go up. Topics tackled include the status of Multiversity and Seaguy 3, Morrison's contentious relationships with Mark Millar and Alan Moore, Lady Gaga as proto-superhuman, the superhero concept's Lovecraftian attempt to extricate itself from fiction and implant itself in reality, and much more. If you're interested in hearing three smart guys, including one of the biggest writers in the industry, talk about superheroes, then I know how you ought to spend the next hour.

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