Quote of the day| Gail Simone on 'wonderful female things in comics'

The thing that I like about comics right now is that even a casual fan can name a bunch of talented women having either commercial or critical (or both) success in the industry. No one with a brain can call Marjorie M. Liu, Kate Beaton, Amanda Conner, or Nicola Scott a token. I always think that success shuts the most mouths and opens the most minds. It doesn’t have to be having a top ten book, it can be having a critical darling book, or a huge line at comic conventions, or a wonderful column on a website.

Right now there are so many wonderful female things in comics; characters, creators, commentators, editors, convention organizers, store owners and readers. They don’t threaten anything in the industry, they add to it.

Over at our sister blog, Comics Should Be Good, Kelly Thompson wrote an excellent, thorough post about the disparity between the way men and women are portrayeed in superhero comics. In talking about the article, Gail Simone expressed disappointment at some of the responses she's seen to it. After summarizing a list of counter-arguments that would make a hell of a drinking game, she writes, "All of this crap, all of these excuses laid end to end by people who haven’t really thought it through, just so their little territory of fanlove isn’t threatened with change."

What I love about Simone's post though is that - as she will - she brings it around to something positive in the quote at the top. Yes, we keep having the same conversation over and over again and it's disheartening that that's necessary, but there has been some constructive movement too and that's encouraging.

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