Quote of the Day | DC creators are financially 'taken care of'

[Bane co-creator] Graham [Nolan] and I both signed participation agreements, which are good in perpetuity. So it’s not up to them whether they take care of us. We’re taken care of. We’ve seen money from Bane all along – the Lego games and the little Bane-shaped piece in the Spaghettios. We always get a piece of what Bane makes. We’ll see money from this movie. They have graphs and charts to figure out how much based on how many lines of dialogue he has and how much he’s in the movie and how much impact he has on the story. We were part of it the last time when Bane was in the last [Joel] Schumacher film really briefly. We participated in that.

-- Chuck Dixon, on the benefits of creating Bane for DC Comics

DC Comics has gotten a lot of justifiable criticism in the area of creators' rights, but credit where it's due. That's from an interview that's a couple of months old, but it's worth highlighting again in context of how Marvel's policies differ. To be clear, no one's saying exactly what Marvel's policies are, but The Beat points out an interview with Jim Starlin who's apparently having some success negotiating with Marvel on the use of Thanos. That he needs to negotiate at all is pretty telling, though, and according to Stan Lee, who doesn't share in the profits from The Avengers, there's apparently a lot of room for improvement.

When we talk about creators' rights, this is a huge part of what we're talking about. Even if we concede that publishers have a right to full ownership of work-for-hire characters and control over how they're used, fairly compensating creators from the money made by their creations isn't something that should have to be argued about. Good on DC for already having that set up; I hope Marvel gets it figured out soon.

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