Quote of the day | DC and Marvel should take their cues from TV

"A proposal for the comic book industry, specifically DC and Marvel, offered by a well-meaning comic book fanboy that wants to see the medium survive and thrive: Build on the positives of 'The New 52' by going totally TV. Turn the fall into an annual rite of heavily-hyped rejuvenation. More: Model the entire publishing year after the traditional television season. Market share giants Marvel and DC should launch the majority of their new series – and launch new storylines in all ongoing series – in September. Each season would last 9 monthly issues, or September through May. The three summer issues –June, July, and August – would be used for stand-alone stories or a company-wide crossover event. (Or just something more meaningful and valuable than TV’s offering of reruns, reality, and burn-offs.) Of course, companies should save a few high profile launches for January or February – splashy 'midseason premieres' that would bring a secondary wave of publicity to the publishing year. As the season comes to a close, companies should announce their slates for the next season at a major weekend comic book convention (i.e., WonderCon) — the comic industry equivalent of TV’s springtime 'upfront' week in New York City. Similarly, the San Diego Comic-Con in July would become something that it already is, but should be more grand – the comic book analog to the TV industry’s late summer press tour in Los Angeles."

-- Entertainment Weekly, and graphic novel, writer Jeff Jensen, suggesting that comics publishers could learn a thing or two from television networks

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