Quote of the day | Dave Gibbons' <i>Watchmen</i> guilt

"If Alan and I had done another major project together after that, the thing we had talked about was doing something bright and dreamlike, a Captain Marvel kind of thing that was kind of mythic and close to a fairy tale in a way. Alan did go on to do that with Supreme and other things.  It was never really our idea with Watchmen to say, 'Here is how superhero comics ought to be.' It was just, 'Here’s a possible way to tell this story that you haven’t seen before.' After that we were ready to see other ideas that we hadn’t seen before but instead we saw our own idea come back to us again and again. Watchmen sprang out of a love of superheroes too, we wouldn’t have spent so much time on it if we didn’t love the whole thing in the first place. But something was lost in the translation and some people thought, 'Ah, black leather, stubble and a bad attitude, that’s the future of superhero comics.'”

-- Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, on the unintended legacyof his 1986 collaboration with Alan Moore

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