Quote of the day | Communities and hate

If your community can’t introduce a baseline of respect for another human being without being destroyed, then your community should probably be burned to the ground and have salt spread on the ashes so that it’ll never come back.

-- Chris Sims, talking specifically about the fighting-game community, but pointing out that "refusing to admit that anyone else deserves to be treated like a human being" can also be a problem in the comics community.

The specific offense that instigated his post seems so obviously heinous that it's mind-boggling anyone would try to defend it. And yet, someone has. Sims writes, "I see this argument all the time in other places. I see it once a week just in the world of comics." Most of us can relate. People write hateful things and defend it as an inalienable right. Worse, they defend it as in inextricable part of their community's culture, making the rest of us complicit. Hate takes a lot of forms -- from overt violence to discrimination and exclusion - and none of it needs to be part of comics.

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