Quote of the Day | 'Committing a sin against your talent'

"Forget the mythology. I don't care that Hemingway was a drunk or the Beatles dropped acid or [Insert famous artist here] did [insert drug here]. If you are using drugs or alcohol as part of your creative process you are killing yourself slowly and as a friend of mine once put it, you're 'committing a sin against your talent.'

You can't die of a heroin overdose if you never try heroin. You can't kill someone in a drunk driving accident if you never pick up the first drink. You won't throw up your guts or have liver failure or lose your mind from illegal substances if you don't put things in your body that do not belong there.

There are other ways to sin against your talent, but drugs and alcohol are easily avoided and if you are serious about being a writer/artist/musician/creative soul. Madness is not mandatory. It is not even recommended. The romanticized idea that the drug-addled creative lives a more authentic life is 100% horseshit manufactured to justify self-destructive behavior.

You can create art while sober. You can experience mind-blowing sights and sounds with a clear head. You can access deeper meaning and glimpse the secrets of the universe just by being present.

The world will be more beautiful, more authentic, more amazing, because you will be a part of it instead of stumbling towards it."

-- writer Joe Kelly, reflecting on the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and the notion that "drugs and booze were a prerequisite for a creative life"

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