Quote of the Day | Comics are for children, not literary awards

"They are their own thing. They do not need your imprimatur, O pompous reader of literary fiction. They are basically for -children, and for men (yes, men, really, men) who are a bit too thick to read proper books, as I was for many years, and still sometimes am, like if I’m tired or hungover or on a plane."

Giles Coren, explaining why comics should not be considered for literary awards

Pretty much everything in this column is wrong, including Coren's assertion that "Nobody calls them ‘graphic novels’ any more"; he goes on to explain, "In America, which is the home of the genre, they are called more often 'comic books,' spoken as if all one word, and with an East Coast accent (since that is whence they come), so: '-karmicbwurks'." Perhaps this article is intended as satire, but people in the comments and on Twitter are taking it pretty seriously; judging from his Wikipedia article, Coren is just one of those curmudgeonly guys who likes to toss out verbal bombs once in a while to get everyone talking about him. Mission accomplished!

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