Quote of the Day | 'But for the love of god, take a bath!'

"Let me say that it’s great that every summer my area is crowded with people for Comiket. But for the love of god, take a bath! I live fairly close to the venue and there is an intense smell. Really, it’s a hell of an odor.

If you were to ask me to describe it, it’s as if you splattered someone with rotten eggs and then let it stand for another week. If someone swallowed poison, I would take them to Comiket to induce vomiting. I’m really not trying bash the people who go to Comiket, but it really stinks when these freaking people are here.

I think it’s fine if your hobby is to line up outside in the scorching sun to get your favorite dojinshi. But take bath. Seriously. Please."

-- an open letter from a resident of Odaiba, Tokyo, where twice yearly 560,000 or so fans flock to the Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket (Comic Market), the world's largest fair for self-published manga, novels and other works. It's a sentiment familiar to many who have attended decidedly smaller fan gatherings in North America and beyond.

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