Quote of the day | Brian Wood on the WildStorm that could have been

"Shortly before the decision was made known that DC was closing the Wildstorm imprint, I was asked to pitch a line-wide 'new direction' for Wildstorm… not a reboot, but just what would come next after the World’s End thing. A year’s worth of stories for three titles. I was so into it, and now the pitch sits in the vault with all the rest of its friends."

--DMZ, Northlanders and DV8 writer Brian Wood, revealing what might have been if DC Comics hadn't closed down its WildStorm imprint. Based on the three ongoing series that WildStorm was publishing before they were shuttered, the series Wood references are most likely The Authority, WildCATS and Gen13.

I guess the silver lining here is that DC does still own the characters, so there's always a chance that we'll see Authority and the rest again ... and who better to revive them than the guy who revived DV8?

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