Quote of the Day | Becky Cloonan on how Tokyopop got it backwards

Maybe [Tokyopop] just went around things wrong. If Stu Levy wanted to make a media company, I feel like he should have started it that way instead of trying to get into movies and other media through comics. That notion has always seemed backwards to me- if you want to make a movie, fucking just make a movie! It might not be easy, but it makes a lot more sense than making comics to make movies. That's like making cookies and hoping they will turn into a cake in the oven!

--Demo artist Becky Cloonan, whose unfinished OEL graphic-novel series East Coast Rising has disappeared down Tokyopop's publishing-rights rabbit hole, with an analogy for the ages on the trend of using comics as back door to Hollywood. The post contains a lot more insight into Cloonan's ill-fated relationship with the now-defunct manga publisher -- well worth a read.

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