Quote of the day | Atomic Robo isn't sexist

... I think mistaking someone’s identity usually involves surprise on the part of at least one of the parties. To the second, I’d like to put forward the perhaps radical idea that an uncharted South Pacific island full of women AWOL from WW2 is actually unusual. We’ve seen Robo immediately doubt unusual things when he first encounters them for six volumes. His reaction here is no different, and it’s not out of proportion to other unusual events he’s come across.

-- Brian Clevinger, responding to accusations that Atomic Robo may be sexist in "The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific."

I've read the issue and didn't think Robo's reaction to the all-female team of air pirates was unreasonable, but I'm hardly unbiased being a) a man and just privileged enough to not always notice that kind of thing, and b) enough a Robo fan to give him (and his creators) the benefit of the doubt. It's worth pointing out though that Clevinger's already gone on record as saying that he goes out of the way to make Atomic Robo as inclusive as possible, so maybe a little doubt-benefiting is in order?

If you've read the issue, what do you think?

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