Quote of the day | 'As a person with eyes, I am a little offended'

This is a drawing that someone drew and was like, "Yeah! That's a good enough drawing!"

Man, I don't even care if that drawing is official or whatever, I can't believe someone drew it and thought it was okay to show people. People can see that drawing! PEOPLE WITH EYES. Why do I even fight so hard to make my art look good when someone else drew that. As a person with eyes, I am a little offended.

-- Faith Erin Hicks, not losing her funny while expressing offense about Guillem March's cover to Catwoman #0.

Kate Beaton had some funny things to say about it too, including "boobaloobs buttybutt," "boobily-oobilies," and this:

What I love about these responses (and others) is that they're choosing to mock the piece rather than be outraged by it. Not that outrage wouldn't be a legitimate response, but seeing the humor in the situation seems to indicate a shift in power and that's beautiful. Not so long ago, people who hate the cover would have few alternatives to pulling out their hair in helpless frustration. Now, the response is to point confidently and laugh. That's pretty huge.

Bettie Page: Unbound #3

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