Quote of the day | Are Tea Partiers the nerds of politics?

"I was reading this Slate article about why Tea Party people are always capitalizing regular nouns — it’s because it’s more in the style of the constitution, which played fast and loose with capitalization — and I realized that Tea Partiers are huge fucking nerds. Randomly capitalizing words to mimic your favorite sacred text is ridiculously dorky. It’s not that far removed from speaking Klingon.

Also, they cosplay and fervently love the same books and mythic figures; they speak in coded language; they get furious about trivial matters most people don’t care about; and they HATE it when anyone interprets their favorite origin stories (the constitution/American history) differently than they do. Tea Party rallies are basically comic book conventions only with poorer social skills.

You could actually take this comparison much further. Probably someone has."

-- A tumblogger named Dudestache on the Tea Party's secret identity as the LARPers of the political sphere. Everyone's always talking about the rise of nerd culture; I guess that explains the phrase "Senator-elect Rand Paul" as well as anything could.

(via Mike Barthel)

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