Quote of the day | Anders Nilsen on his career-spanning <i>Big Questions</i>

"It's my newest book, but it's also my oldest."

Big Questions was Anders Nilsen's first comic. That was 1999. Twelve years later, the epic series is finally finished and ready to come out in a massive 600-page collected edition from Drawn & Quarterly. What's it like to have the entire dozen-year breadth of your career as a cartoonist exist as a single story between two covers? CBR's Alex Dueben asked Nilsen about it. I'm lucky enough to own every single issue of the series, including those early minicomics, and it's an absolute beast -- half Achewood-style character-driven funny-animal comic, half nightmarish and shocking exploration of violence and fanaticism, and half document of Nilsen's startling progress as an artist. Okay, that's three halves, but hey, it's a big book. You should read it, and this interview.

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