Quote of the day | ¿Adios, Locas?

I love these people in the stories more than any other characters in all of fiction, and I wouldn’t mind if I never see them again....That’s how good The Love Bunglers is.

Bob Temuka on the remarkable work of Jaime Hernandez in Love and Rockets: New Stories #4. A continuation of the "Love Bunglers" suite of short stories that helped make last year's issue one of CBR's Best Comics of 2010, the issue sees the 30-year stories of Jaime's "Locas" protagonists Maggie, Hopey, and Ray -- all of whom have aged in real time as the series has progressed -- come to what could quite easily be a conclusion, thrilling and upsetting and moving their many fans all at once. Temuka's essay is filled with spoilers, so be warned, but it's as good at conveying the unique nature of the "Locas" saga, the way its stories shift and grow and can be seen differently over time as we and Jaime and the characters all age and learn more about what happened, as well as any piece I've ever read.

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