Quicksilver Races Into A New Series After Avengers: No Surrender

Where is Pietro when you pick up with him in Quicksilver: No Surrender #1? Does this flow directly out of the current Avengers event, “No Surrender?”

It does. I don't want to say too much because of spoilers, but at some point in “No Surrender” Pietro finds himself in a kind of frozen reality. He could do that for little stretches when he went into his super speed, but now he can't get out of that. So he's sort of stuck wandering a frozen Earth.

What can you tell us about this reality Quicksilver is trapped in? Is he the only one there?

At first he thinks so, and he has a crushing sense of isolation. Even though he's surrounded by billions of people they're all out of sync with him. He quickly discovers, though, that there is something else out there; something malign that seems to be taking victims from among the frozen people around him.

So in our first issue, Quicksilver discovers more about this threat. There is something else out there, but not someone . . . at least as far as he can tell.

It sounds like this will be an intimate, existential, horror story.

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Nguyen's art from Quicksilver: No Surrender #1

Yes, that is very much a part of this. There's also a kind of I Am Legend, last man on Earth element to the flavor. So it's got a survival horror edge, but there's a post apocalyptic feel to it as well.

Eric Nguyen is your artistic collaborator on this, and I know his work from the Old Man Logan arc he did with Jeff Lemire that had the title character isolated in time. So it seems like he would be a really good fit for what you're doing here.

Yes! Eric is also a great action artist. This is going to be a very physical book. It's about a guy who can run incredibly fast evading monsters and doing super speed tricks all over the world.

So Eric has this really dynamic style and he's stretching it with this book in new ways. People are going to see something new from him and be impressed. I think this will be a book that breaks him through to wider attention.

Any final hints or teases you'd like to leave us with about Quicksilver: No Surrender?

This is real love letter to Pietro. Even though he's been this kind of offputting and wrangly character, lots and lots of people love Quicksilver, and I went kind of full fanboy on the character with this mini. I dug into him, his past, his mentality, and how he sees himself in the world.

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Nguyen's art from Quicksilver: No Surrender #1

So this is for both people who are long time fans of the character, and people who have caught a glimpse of the character in things like films and want to learn more about who he is.

So it sounds like this series and the nature of the world he's trapped in will lead Pietro to do some introspection on things like his roles as a hero, parent, and a brother?

Yes, there will be lots of that, but also because Pietro is kind of a snotty guy and has a bunch of free reign over a bunch of frozen people, some of them he doesn't really like, there might be some pranks happening too. [Laughs]

So some of these frozen people will be established Marvel characters?

Oh, yeah! He's going to spend much of the series interacting with Marvel favorites although in a one sided way.

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Nguyen's art from Quicksilver: No Surrender #1
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