Quick Note About Comments

The last few months we've been getting a LOT more spam comments. It is not a big deal, of course, except for one aspect of it all. When we were getting like 1,500 spam comments a day, I'd basically be able to wade through the spam filter to pick out any good comments that were accidentally caught in the spam filter (as it would be 1,500 a day, so I'd be able to check in at different times of the day where only 400 or so comments would be in the filter at any given moment). However, we're up to something like 30,000 spam comments a day, and I just can't wade through them all to see if good comments have accidentally been caught in the filter. So if you think your comment was accidentally caught by the spam filter, please let me know by dropping me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

Note that I also routinely moderate comments, as well, if they contain suggestions for future columns, so that they remain a surprise when the column comes out. Those comments, though, should hopefully say something on your screen like "Your comment is being moderated" or something like that. I think that maybe if you don't include an e-mail address when you post your comment, it doesn't track your comment so it might look like your comment has just been deleted. Just note that unless you said something REALLY messed up, we're not going to delete your comment. Looking through our trash folder, of the last 50 or so deleted comments, 46 of them were just duplicate posts and stuff like that.

While I'm talking about comments, I might as well give a quick refresher on the codes we use in the comments.

To bold something, use the following code around the words you want to bold...

To italicize something, use the following code around the words you want to italicize...

To quote something, use the following code around the words you want to quote...

I think that about does it for blog housecleaning.

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