Quick Guide to Witchblade TPBs

Reader Ben Herman asked:

I've heard some good buzz about Ron Marz's run on Witchblade. Have any of his issues been collected ito TPBs yet?

Since Ron Marz took over the book, Witchblade has been a lot better, so as a result, the trade paperbacks for Witchblade are actually labeled so that Marz's first storyline (which began at #80) is Volume 1, and proceed from there.

Offhand, I believe there are five volumes out so far (total shot in the dark, there, though).

The first volume is also priced at only $5!


Reader sononsj asked:

Wait, so are any issues before #80 collected?

Yes, they are labeled Witchblade: Origins, and the first volume is currently out, collecting #1-8. Volume 2 is out in December, with Volume 3 out in mid-2009, which will take them to #25, which is as far as Top Cow plans to go with the Witchblade: Origins series.

For #26-79, you'll have to go with the two giant-sized Witchblade Compendiums, each collecting 50 (Volume 1 does #1-50, Volume 2 does #51-100) issues.

Volume 2 is out this November, and I BELIEVE Volume 1 will be back in print at the same time.

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