Quick and Dirty Single Issue Review

Two of my favorite comics came out this week and I wan to talk about them! Them, and some thing with Skrulls.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #13- Last issue, Drew Goddard gave us a great gag based around Buffy's BI-curious fling. This issue, we get the comedic stylings of a racist Dracula (unfortunately, Racist Frankenstein does not make a cameo). If this pattern continues, we'll have one knee slapping abortion gag by the end of the arc, by my estimation. In a ripple of evil moment, I can forsee Johnny Ryan joining the writing staff if things really get out of hand on the questionable humor, forcing Joe Rice to buy a Buffy comic and the world to implode. Until that happens, I'll be happily picking this up every month, especially if it comes out in the same week as--


Casanova #13- We get the fallout from last issue's slaughter, as Fraction establishes the rules of death in the Casnonava-verse. The titular character returns (sort of) and we get a nice down time issue out of it before the shit commences to hit the fan next issue. As an added bonus, Fabio Moon draws scenes I barely remember from the first volume, which his twin brother rendered! If you haven't at least tried this series... I don't know what to do with you. I mean, you must buy crap like--

Secret Invasion #1- Well, I lost my moral high ground there real quick. It further plummets down the toilet when I admit to liking this, on a "first act of a summer blockbuster" level. Of course, I like a lot of crap, so I don't particularly consider my seal of approval any kind of sign of quality. Diminished expectations may have something to do with my enjoyment of this, but I like the whole idea of doing an Invasion of the Body Snatchers style story with the Marvel characters, and I thought Bendis handled the consequences of it pretty well here. The fact that beloved secondary characters were the only ones revealed as Skrulls in this issue was interesting, I thought. I've always liked Yu's work, and although it's farther on the scratchy side of things, for lack of a better word, than I like, I still think it works here.


Other than some of Bendis's dialogue tics that have been hashed over 15,000,000 times, I really liked this, so I'll pick up the next issue. I haven't read enough of Bendis's big superhero comics to really know if he can actually pull this off to my satisfaction. World War Hulk proved to me last year that I'm willing to forgive these things an anti-climatic ending if the ride's fun enough, so I'll give it some rope.

Special Bonus Review: Wolverine First Class #1- This is entirely in my nostalgia wheelhouse, as my love of the X-Men in general and Kitty Pryde specifically came from the stories that this new series is mining for its "Untold Tales" take on a Kitty/Wolvie team up comic. Fred Van Lente hits all the right notes in the script, but what do you expect from a guy who has his own Cronin declared holiday? This is basically Marvel Adventures: Wolverine, and it works very well for something with that seemingly ridiculous mandate. Andrea Di Vito provides the kind of clean, solid art you expect from an all ages comic like this.


Wolverine doesn't get to use his claws on panel, much like in Marvel Adventures: Avengers, but he's still a surly loner struggling with his demons and hiding a heart of gold. Kitty, on the other hand, is a neophyte P.O.V. character in the strange world of the X-Men. The ability to distill the characters down to their essence is something that only comics that can toss continuity out the window while still evoking a familiar era can get away with. So, if you want a fun Claremont-esque comic, but without all those Claremontisms, this is for you. Or, you know, a Wolverine comic that doesn't take place in Hiroshima. It also fits that bill. There are also a few of Chris Giarusso's Mini-Marvel strips on the last page, and if you can pass all that up, you must hate fun. Or not have the mindset of a 12 year old, I don't know. Either way, this is a nice, fun package, and you don't get to say that about Wolverine comics-- ever, really.

This week also gave us a cheap reprint of Kirby's Kamandi, so I declare it pretty damn spiffy, even if Sook's Last Boy on Earth the cover kinda freaks me out. He's so alluring! That may say more about me than him, though, so I'm packing it in.

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