Quick Amazing Spider-Man #583 Review

I figured it's only right to give a quick review for the rest of the issue! It was yet another standout issue by Mark Waid, who seems born to write Spider-Man comic books.

The issue is a spotlight on Betty Brant, and allows Betty (who is the narrator of the issue) to talk about Peter Parker as how an outside observer might see Peter Parker - as a nice guy who really is not all that dependable.

Throughout the issue, Betty is trying to get Peter back into the dating scene, with many comedic results, but Waid does a very nice trick of taking the expectations of Betty (and through Betty, the reader) and twisting them in a dramatic and intriguing fashion.


Waid continues his subplot of J. Jonah Jameson's father - a love interest for May? Interesting!

Barry Kitson's art usually strikes me as more appropriate for action stories than for these more slow-paced, character-driven stories, but I think he basically did a good job, as well (the John Romita Sr. cover was a blast!).

There was also a goodly amount of action in the comic, but what was especially nice was how Waid used said action to further along the main plot of Betty thinking about Peter (as naturally, Peter has to end up ditching her to fight crime).

Another strong issue by Waid.


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