5 Questions From The Last Airbender That the Legend of Korra Answered (& 5 That It Didn't)

Besides the comics set immediately after the Hundred Year War, The Legend of Korra serves as the sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender. Taking place 70 years after its predecessor series, The Legend of Korra introduced fans to the newest Avatar: a girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra. While documenting her path to bring balance to the world that Aang left behind, the series answered many questions that were brought up back in Avatar, but there were also some lingering inquiries that The Legend of Korra didn't even entertain.

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10 Answered: Who was the first Avatar?

Ever since we first saw Aang stand amongst a vision of his former selves, we've always wondered who was standing on the other end of that long line. It turns out that the first Avatar started out as a young, impoverished teenager by the name of Wan, who lived in a city built on the back of a giant lion turtle. After being banished, Wan was able to keep the gift of firebending to defend himself in the merciless Spirit Wilds. Eventually, he got himself wrapped up in the battle between Raava, the Avatar Spirit, and Vaatu, a spirit of chaos and destruction. With Raava's aid, Wan was able to simultaneously utilize all four elements at once to imprison Vaatu for centuries. The most shocking part of all this was to see that the first Avatar wasn't born like the others, but was literally made.

9 Didn't Answer: Who did Zuko end up marrying/having kids with?

Back in Avatar the Last Airbender, Prince Zuko was quite the ladies man. Besides his fling with Mai, his dark and deadly childhood friend from the Fire Nation, he shared a brief, but also intimate moment with Katara, and even a young woman named Jin, a resident of Ba Sing Se. As far as we know, none of these women (Katara especially) are the mother of his daughter, Izumi, who is also the current Fire Lord. Her calm, yet confident and intense demeanor bears a lot of similarities to Mai, but then again, the role of the Fire Lord isn't exactly one for a particularly perky person.

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8 Answered: What actually happened to Admiral Zhao?

After Admiral Zhao killed the Moon Spirit, negating all waterbending, Aang merged with the Ocean Spirit to become a destructive monster formed solely out of water and light. Against something so powerful, the invading Fire Nation forces were decimated. Seeking to avenge the death of the original Moon Spirit, they dragged Admiral Zhao to the depths of the ocean, where it was assumed he just drowned. It wasn't until The Legend of Korra that fans saw that he was actually alive, but mentally unwell. Having not aged at all, Admiral Zhao went crazy after wandering the Fog of Lost Souls in the Spirit World for 70 years. Poor guy probably wished he'd just drowned that day.

7 Didn't Answer: What happened to the Freedom Fighters?

Jet was one of Avatar the Last Airbender's most complicated characters. After being brainwashed by the Dai Li, Jet managed to snap back to his senses, but was killed by the organization's leader, Long Feng. Sure, Sokka stated in a later episode that it was really unclear if Jet had actually died, but it's been confirmed that his serious internal injuries did, in fact, kill him. His impact wasn't erased from the series after his death, since his gang, the Freedom Fighters, were instrumental in fighting the Fire Nation during the Day of Black Sun. But what did they go on to do years after that? The Legend of Korra doesn't even mention them, leaving fans to wonder if the Freedom Fighters just fell apart with the absence of their original leader.

6 Answered: Are there more flying bison out there?

Aang and Appa were quite an inseparable pair, but what made their relationship particularly touching was the fact that they were both the last of their kind. For a while, fans wondered what would happen after Appa died without having the chance to mate, until they watched The Legend of Korra and noticed that Aang's son had a flying bison of his own. Being that Appa was a lone male, the answer was obvious! There must've been more flying bison that Aang didn't know existed throughout the entire first series! Apparently, a group in Fire Nation territory known as the Bhanti Tribe had been taking care of a small herd to ensure that these truly talented creatures wouldn't end with Appa.

5 Didn't Answer: What happened to the Foggy Swamp Tribe?

During Aang's original adventure in Book Two, he came across the Foggy Swamp Tribe, a group of waterbenders who lived amongst the diverse flora in a huge swamp in the Earth Kingdom. When Avatar Korra found herself in this very same swamp, she met Toph, but there was no sign at all of the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Given how connected these people were to the swamp, fans wondered what these waterbenders were up to. Had they moved out, or just happened to live in a completely different part of the swamp than Toph? We'll never know.

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4 Answered: What happens if people from two different Nations Have Children?

This was a question that fans debated both in forums and in middle schools everywhere. The rules of Avatar the Last Airbender established that unless someone is the Avatar, they would only be able to bend one element. If only one person's parent was a bender, they would have a less likely chance of being born a bender than if both of their parents were benders. After the Hundred Year War, places like Republic City opened the possibility for people from different nations to start families. In The Legend of Korra, fans were excited to see that Bolin was an earthbender and his older brother, Mako, was a firebender, since they had a father from the Earth Kingdom and a mother from the Fire Nation. This not only increased the chances of both children having bending abilities, but apparently, this also meant that they could inherit skills from either their mother's bloodline or their father's, but definitely not both.

3 Didn't Answer: Who hunted the lion turtles to extinction?

Fans were introduced to lion turtles during the final episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender after Aang met one that gave him the power to energybend. In The Legend of Korra, fans found out that lion turtles were responsible for giving humans the power to bend the elements, and actually housed whole civilizations on their backs. Apparently, the lion turtle that gave Aang his energybending abilities was the last lion turtle in existence after the rest were hunted to extinction. Given that these creatures are literally huge enough to masquerade as entire islands, who would even have enough power to kill one of these creatures, much less hundreds of them? If this question is in fact answered in the future, we just want to know what the hunters did with the bodies.

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2 Answered: How did Aang die?

The fact that Korra is alive is proof that Aang is dead and gone, much to the discontent of countless fans. But what exactly killed him? Although he hadn't aged during the hundred years he spent frozen underwater, it did limit how long he could live in his latter years, causing him to pass at the age of 66, which, in the world of Avatar, is a pretty young age for an elder to die. Despite having technically outlived all of the other Air Nomads and friends he knew before the start of the Hundred Year War, his new group of friends managed to outlive him in the end.

1 Didn't Answer: How Does One Join the Order of the White Lotus?

Introduced in Avatar the Last Airbender, the Order of the White Lotus contains members from all four nations, dedicated to the spread of knowledge and philosophy across their boundaries, even during tense times like the Hundred Year War. Just as wise as they are capable, members of the White Lotus also identify and instruct the Avatar during their younger years. While The Legend of Korra exposed more about the group's history and methods, it never revealed how one joins in the first place.

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