Quesada & Palmiotti's "Painkiller Jane" Returns in 2006

Official Press Release

November 10, 2005, Runnemede, NJ -- Dynamite is kicking off 2006 with a brand-new series, relaunching a classic character that was last seen from Event Comics. Now, Painkiller Jane is not only making her comic book re-launch, but she's also featured in here very own SCIFI Channel Movie Pilot!

"We're thrilled to have Joey and Jimmy reunited on Painkiller Jane," exclaimed Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. "And doubly thrilled that we're their new publishers for Jane's all new series."

Jane Vasko was an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate a major New York city drug ring. After gaining the trust of dealers, her cover was unknowingly blown and she was forced to submit to a drug cocktail that landed her in a coma.

Jane stayed in secrecy in a local hospital tagged as a Jane Doe, in a coma, until one day she awoke to a world where nothing was the same

Infused somehow during her fitful, sleep with strange powers, Jane has nothing left to lose and a whole lot of people to make pay for what they've done…

Painkiller Jane's story begins here!

Arguably, two creators such as Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti could have picked any publisher to relaunch Painkiller Jane. So why Dynamite? Jimmy: "Relationships. I have known the crew here since I have started in the business and that is everything to me. The books they are putting out are actually some I would buy… which is saying a lot coming from me. The printing is excellent, the design top rate and the talent cutting edge. Most important, they are giving us the space to do what we want."

And Quesada agrees: "I think Jimmy pretty much said it all."

The first issue is scheduled for February release and will feature Palmiotti as writer, who describes the title character as "an inch away from suicidal at all times… she is on an edge that the Punisher wishes he can get to and come back from. Really… she can kick Punisher's ass because one cap to the head and Frank is dead… not so with a woman that can't die" Handling the art – and making his return to comics after a brief absence is Lee Moder, "I am a very demanding writer and a stickler for details and Lee looks to be the right match on that end… and he has a wonderful sense of motion in his figures that helps make the action that much more dynamic. Visually, it's all there," continued Palmiotti.

Featuring dynamite cover art by co-creators Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti with friends, Amanda Conner w/Jimmy Palmiotti, Billy Tan and Lee Moder! Also, look for a special 1-10 Adam Hughes variant (check with your retailer for availability).

Future covers by Will (Serenity/Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom) Conrad, Terry (Spider-Man: Black Cat) Dodson and more!

About Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment, is a premier licensor and innovative publisher of the comic industry's key and most popular comics including the Army of Darkness, Jim Starlin's Cosmic Guard, Joe Quesada's and Jimmy Palmiotti's Painkiller Jane, The Re-Animator, Eduardo Risso's Borderline, and the #1 selling title in April of '05, Red Sonja. More information about the company can be found online at http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com.

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