Quesada Pens Open Letter on Social Media’s Impact on Comics


Joe Quesada has penned an open letter about the state of the social media and its influence on the overall comic book community. Quesada is the Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Comics and held the Editor-in-Chief position at the company from 2000 to 2011.

Quesada’s statement, which can be read in full on his Facebook page, comes at a time when many industry figures have been debating the importance of social media, a medium that has the power to both amplify a creator’s voice and become a focal point for harassment.

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Quesada addresses the old ways of communicating with fans (reader mail sections and creator columns) before delving into the heart of the matter:

“For me the connectivity outweighs all the rest. It always has, even when it was just letters. The other insanely cool thing is that if you want to write a letter you still can, if you prefer to read letters columns there right there, those things haven’t gone away, go crazy! Or should I say, 'Go Postal!' Heh, I'm clearly terrible at this.

“And hey, I also understand how sometimes the harshness of social can make it all feel bleak, like there’s no community out there, but I believe there is and always will be, it’s just how we reach each other that will constantly change. Can't wait for those Twitter brain implants. Fun!”

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Quesada ends the letter with a hearty thank you to comic book fans everywhere, readers and passionate commenters alike.

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