Quesada Gets Dunked @ MegaCon

Saturday at MegaCon in Florida, Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada invited attendees to join him in his trademark "Cup o' Joe" panel and, unsurprisingly, every seat was filled and many stood. After the panel, Quesada took a seat on a dunk tank, allowing fans to attempt to soak the comic superstar, with all proceeds going to the Hero Initiative charitable organization.

The biggest announcement Quesada revealed during the panel was the return of his (in)famous Friday Q&A column, under a new name and on a new Web site. What was once "Joe Fridays" will, as of March 21st, become "My Cup O' Joe." The column will still be published every Friday on the social networking Web site Myspace. In addition, Jim McLauchlin, former Editor-In-Chief of Top Cow and current head honcho at Hero, will serve as the new moderator.

Quesada said that the move to Myspace was not because of any bad blood between Marvel and Newsarama, its former home, but instead because of the company's growing relationship with MySpace.

McLauchlin then joined the panel with an official government-sealed envelope, which revealed that the Mayor of Orange County, Florida, had declared that day to be "Joe Quesada Day." Quesada, who was unaware of the honor, was almost speechless and received a standing ovation from the attendees.

As the panel concluded, Quesada and McLauchlin encouraged those attending to walk over and donate money to the Hero Initiative to get a chance to attempt to dunk Quesada in a dunk tank. Several of the first fans (or perhaps non-fans) who attempted to get Quesada all wet called to him that "This is for Cap!" or "This if for Mary Jane!" before completely failing to hit the target, causing Quesada to begin egging on the fans. It was not until Quesada jokingly threatened to kill Spider-Girl that the first ball hit its target. Quesada was dunked a total of six times.

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