Quesada confirms Diggle on renumbered <i>Daredevil</i>

In this week's "My Cup o' Joe," Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada confirms what he let slip in the previous column: that writer Andy Diggle will take over Daredevil this summer, with the renumbered Issue 501.

Make that Marvel-exclusive writer Andy Diggle.

"I thought for whatever reason that we had already announced that one, but I guess we hadn’t," Quesada says, explaining the quickly deleted slip.

"But man, I can’t get away from this without complimenting [outgoing writer] Ed Brubaker.
Ed did just an amazing, amazing run, following up after Brian Bendis, which was no easy feat. I mean, Ed’s run has been legendary, but he just needed to cycle off. I think he’s had a workload that just felt like 'one book too many,' and he’s told all the Daredevil stories he feels he needs to for right now."

So, why Diggle?

"Well, I think Andy really showed us something when he took over Thunderbolts," Quesada says. "He has a certain feel, a certain 'bite' to his stories, and he just writes tremendous, tremendous villains.
He writes mean characters! [laughs] And there’s something there that resonated with all of us in editorial, where we just thought he could write the piss out of Daredevil."

Update: Diggle writes on Twitter that his contract with Marvel is for two years.

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