Quentin Tarantino Might Bring His Next Western to TV

Ahead of the release of "The Hateful Eight," director Quentin Tarantino reveals he hopes to bring his next Western to television.

Although it may not happen anytime soon, the filmmaker tells the French magazine "Premiere" that he plans to adapt Elmore Leonard's 1972 novel "Forty Lashes Less One" -- a project that's been rumored for years -- as a four- to six-hour TV miniseries. "The time may have come for me to tackle it," he says.

Leonard's novel addresses issues of crime, race and violence in the story of two men -- one black, one white -- who are forced to become friends after they're sent to Yuma Prison.

Tarantino is no stranger to Leonard's work, having adapted the author's novel "Rum Punch" as "Jackie Brown."

The filmmaker just last year floated the possibility of bringing "Django Unchained" to TV as four-hour miniseries that would restore about one and a half hours of footage.

(via Polygon)

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