Quentin Quire: Marvel's Wildest Omega-Level Mutant, Explained

Kid Omega Quentin Quire

Tthe X-Men have always starred teenagers and young adults coming to terms with their inner potential as they come off age in times of social unrest. One of these fledgling superheroes of the most powerful (and most rebellious) young mutants is Quentin Quire. Originally starting as an outright antagonist, the character featured a redemptive turn and joined the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, even if he's still one of the school's most outspoken and ornery students.

With the X-Men back on the big screen and poised for a line-wide comic book relaunch next month, here is a look at the infamous Quentin Quire and his path to become an unlikely superhero.

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Quentin Quire Secondary Mutation

Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in New X-Men #134, Quentin Quire originally dubbed himself Kid Omega and quickly became a star pupil at the School for Gifted Youngsters, especially impressing Professor X with his Omega-level powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Also gifted with a superhuman intellect, Quentin often debates Xavier on the merits of a mutual coexistence between humans and mutants while becoming something of a protege for Xavier.

After he gets upset after learning that he was adopted by his parents, Quentin secretly forms a group of like-minded students known as the Omega Gang, who kill humans in the town nearby. Once they return to the school, the Omega Gang ambushes Xavier and fits him with a power-dampening helmet. As the X-Men battle the Omega Gang, Xavier manages to free himself and confront Quentin, who reveals that his outburst was a way to impress the Stepford Cuckoo Sophie and to cope with his newfound identity issues. After learning that Sophie had died using the mutant drug Kick to boost her telepathic abilities to subdue Quentin with Cerebra, Quentin falls into a catatonic state.


X-Men - Quentin Quire/Kid Omega

Upon closer inspection by Beast, the X-Men discovered that Quentin's own constant use of Kick had led to his psionic energies consuming him, triggering a secondary mutation that allowed him to telepathically connect with anyone on the planet across all time; his mind now moving faster than the speed of light. Ascending to a higher plane of existence in an energy form, Quentin is revived by a fragment of the Phoenix Force who mistakes him for Jean Grey after her death.

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Quentin confronts the Phoenix and orders it to resurrect Sophie but is shocked when the Stepford Cuckoo prefers death rather than be with him. Quentin returns to his non-corporeal form, only to resurface occasionally to confront the X-Men and Stepford Cuckcoos. Breaking out of captivity thanks to Kade Kilgore, the Hellfire Club's newest Black King, Quentin regains his corporeal form and uses his telepathic abilities to force various world leaders to publicly confess their deepest secrets.

With Quentin labeled the biggest mutant terrorist on Earth for the stunt, Wolverine reaches a deal with Captain America to remand the boy into his custody for rehabilitation and supervised education at the newly founded Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning.


Quentin Quire

While maintaining his rebel streak and nasty habit of vocally trying to start trouble whenever possible, Quentin quickly proves to be a valuable student at the new school by helping Krakatoa becoming the foundational grounds for the school and infiltrating the rival Hellfire Academy, helping the X-Men combat the rival school.

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Leaving the school after becoming independently wealthy and taking on the role as the newest White King of the Hellfire Club, Quentin is eventually drawn into the conflict between the Asgardians and Shi'ar. The desperate Shi'ar unleash the Phoenix Force to turn the tide of the battle, leading Quentin to bond with it and temporarily take on the role of the race's new god before leaving both the Shi'ar and Phoenix behind to return to Earth.

More recently, he's even joined the West Coast Avengers, an unofficial branch of the iconic team that features several young Marvel heroes.

Ever the rambunctious upstart, Quentin Quire has often toed the line between hero and villain but ultimately has sided with the X-Men as a valuable, if unfailingly annoying, teenage member of the team. With his boosted telepathic and telekinetic abilities and susceptibility to the Phoenix Force, he is destined to be one of the most mutants in Earth's history, and he seems destined to become one of the greatest X-Men of the future,

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