Queer cartoonists speak out at APE

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"Queer Cartoonists," a panel of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) creators discussing issues of identity, community, and their creative work, will debut at the 2004 Alternative Press Expo (APE). This will be the very first time such a panel has been featured at APE, the country's largest gathering of alternative and self-published comics, marking the growing visibility of queer artists and writers in the field. The panel will be a star-studded event, featuring award-winning creators of independent comic books, strips, and 'zines, with material ranging from erotica to historical fiction, from comedy to biography, published both in print and online.

The panel participants will be Alison Bechdel (DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR), Colleen Coover (SMALL FAVORS), Tristan Crane (HOW LOATHESOM), Tim Fish (CAVALCADE OF BOYS, YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE), Laurenn McCubbin (XXX LIVE NUDE GIRLS, KITCHEN SINK MAGAZINE), and Eric Shanower (AGE OF BRONZE, THE GIANT GARDEN OF OZ).

The panel will be moderated by Justin Hall, the creator of TRUE TRAVEL TALES and GLAMAZONIA: THE UNCANNY SUPER TRANNY.

The "Queer Cartoonists" panel will be held in the programming room on Sunday, February 22nd from 1:30 ­2:30pm and will feature a moderated discussion followed by questions from the audience.

APE 2004 will be held at The Concourse, 620 7th St., San Francisco, on February 21st (12:00 ­6:00pm) and 22nd (11:00am ­5:00pm). Memberships are $7 for a single day, and $10 for both days. The show features over 200 exhibitors of alternative and self-published comics and zines, as well as a full two days of programming, including panel discussions and spotlights on special guests.

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