Queen Maeve vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win?

In the battle between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment, let's find out who would ultimately win in an epic fight between Queen Maeve vs. Wonder Woman. Interestingly, Queen Maeve, from The Boys comic, used to be part of the DC Universe, from the former Wildstorm print, before moving on over to Dynamite. Though they are an integral part of their superhero teams, The Seven and Justice League, Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman definitely stand out on their own when thrust into the battlefield. But there are certain aspects between them, with their powers and personalities, where only one of them really win.

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In the The Boys series written by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, Queen Maeve is known to the rest of the world as the "Empress of the Netherworld." Created by psychologist/writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman made her first appearance in All Star Comics #8. In her original origin story, Wonder Woman was initially brought to life when she was sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. Both super-heroines have their strengths that really make them far superior from the rest of humanity.

10 Superpowers (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Though Queen Maeve claims to be from the Netherworld, referring to the underworld beneath the surface, she was actually grown in a science laboratory. Conceived at the labs from Vought American, Maeve was injected with Compound V, a manufactured drug, since the day she was born.

In the rebooted origin story of Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira is the daughter of  Zeus, the sky and thunder god, and Hippolyta. Diana's superpowers come from her own parents. They both claim to be goddesses from birthright, but only one of them actually is.

9 Sidekicks (Tie)

Who would really jump to the rescue if they saw their mentor in certain trouble? Though Queen Maeve refuses to get close to anyone, especially Homelander, she has been able to show concern and sympathy for Starlight, aka Annie January, who represents the girl next door with superpowers.

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In the origin story of Wonder Girl, Donna Troy was rescued by Wonder Woman when her apartment building suddenly caught on fire. Much like Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Diana helped raised the orphan as if she were her own sister and trained her to be a superhero.

8 Warrior Spirit (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman #75

Both Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman are both portrayed as warriors who fight against injustices and serve the ideals of equality. Unfortunately, Maeve lost her way and became a bitter alcoholic after she botched the rescue, along with the rest of the Seven members, of a hijacked plane on 9/11.

In Wonder Woman #219, Superman was being mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord into attacking his loved ones. In order to free the Man of Steel, Woman Wonder had to make the ultimate sacrifice in her no-kill policy and snap Maxwell's neck.

7 Fighting Style (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

After she was trained in martial arts, Queen Maeve became a skilled fighter difficult to take down. In the opening moments of The Boys pilot, Maeve not only stops a speeding truck with bare hands, she also quickly captures the robbers with great ease.

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The Amazons of Themyscira would have reprimanded Diana if she ever attempted to show off her fighting skills. Because the Amazons have their own unique martial arts maneuvers, Wonder Woman is able to face an armed and unarmed combatant. Diana also learned how to transition her movements and improvise during battle.

6 Costume (Tie)

Both Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman have costumes that are made up of armor. In her costume design, Diana puts on the golden tiara on top of her head. Wearing a red bustier, Diana has on blue underpants and walks around knee-high leather boots. Gal Gadot's outfit in the movie happens to be comic book accurate. Though similar in concept, Maeve has to be physically fit in order to show off her long legs and cleavage. When Dominique McElligott puts on her costume on The Boys show, the details are less flashy in skin and shoulder pads have been added.

5 Weapons (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Queen Maeve likes to use her bare hands while also bringing a weapon into the battle. In the comics, Queen Maeve punched out a speeding train to a full stop. Though she did manage to destroy the train, the powerful impact also cost her arm being broken into four fractures.

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While Wonder Woman has been known to use a sword and shield, she has whipped out her Lasso of Truth during crucial times. Once the glowing yellow rope is wrapped around you, the Magic Lasso forces the prisoner to tell the whole truth.

4 Flight (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Because she cannot raise her arms and fly like a bird, Queen Maeve has to rely on Homelander to lift her up and travel somewhere fast. Maeve's leg muscles have their own superhuman strength, which allows her to make jumps more than 12 feet high.

Though Maeve can leap really high, Wonder Woman was granted the ability for flight by the god of travel and literature, Hermes. The sandals of Hermes, which are enchanted winged footwear,  allow Wonder Woman to lift herself up into the sky and fly off, much like Superman.

3 Immortality (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman 58 variant cover header

Unfortunately, Maeve met an untimely end she fought against Homelander and Black Noir after they discovered she was trying to bring down the Seven. Realizing how corrupt the team had become, Maeve wanted nothing to do with them. Maeve sacrificed herself in order to give Starlight a chance at escaping.

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Even when there is no world left to save, Wonder Woman continues to fight during the post-apocalypse in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Still fighting for the hopeless, Wonder Woman has scrounged up the few remaining survivors.

2 Vehicles (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

Because she is in peak form as the finest athlete, Queen Maeve can physically exert herself on foot during an entire day, without getting tired. Maeve though will start to feel fatigue because Compound V wears off as a drug.

Even though Wonder Woman has the ability to fly, Diana needs transportation to make the distance into outer-space. Wonder Woman has her own Invisible Jet that flies at fast speeds and can avoid detection from radar. The Invisible Plane is great for an interstellar voyage, which is something Maeve hasn't accomplished.

1 Morals (Advantage: Wonder Woman)

The characters of Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman were created to serve as role models for little girls. More of a satirical take, Maeve has been become cynical and less of an idealist after making so many comprises.

The greatest moment for Wonder Woman came about in Justice League: The New Frontier. Sticking to her morals, Wonder Women refused to step down to the government and helped out a group of female prisoners from political rebels. Choosing to do what was right, Wonder Woman taught the female group how to fight back against their male captors.

Winner: Wonder Woman

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