Quebecor Unable To Print July 30th CrossGen Titles

Official Press Release

While the issues were completed in full, CrossGen regrets to inform ourreaders and retailing partners that--due to file corruption--Quebecor wasunable to satisfactorily print BRATH #6, MARK OF CHARON #5, MERIDIAN #38,THE PATH #17, RUSE #22 and SOJOURN #25 in time for their July 30th on saledate. We are in the process of sending Quebecor new files and anticipatethat these titles will reach stores in time for an August 6th on sale date.

We greatly value our partnership with Quebecor and look forward to workingtogether with them in the years to come to deliver exciting comic books. Wehope that readers and retailers understand that mistakes happen, and thatwe're anticipating SOJOURN #25 just as much as they are. It may be priced atonly $1.00, but it's worth every penny!

Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill Rosemann

Director of Marketing & Communications

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