Quebecor error causes CrossGen books to miss delivery

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., May 29, 2002 - Fans looking for Scion #24, Crux #14, and Edge #2on Thursday, May 30 won't find them in their local comics stores because ofan error by CrossGen's printer, Quebecor. A batch of books that had beenprinted and entered into the Diamond Distributors, Inc. computer system forpick-up were not placed on the appropriate loading dock for Diamond trucksto load. Therefore, Diamond did not pick up many boxes of books thatincluded titles from CrossGen, Archie, Bongo, and DC Comics and ship them totheir retail customers.

Quebecor assures that the books in question will be picked up by Diamond intime for next Wednesday's regular shipment, resulting in Scion #24, Crux #14and Edge #2 arriving on June 5, 2002.

Quebecor has taken full responsibility for this error and has issued thewritten apology below:

"Mark Alessi,

CrossGeneration President

Dear Sir,

Quebecor World Montreal wishes to apologize for what happened with theDiamond order shipment of Edge #2, Scion #24 and Crux #14, that wereshipping on May 21st, 2002. We experienced some problems with our computersystem. The books will ship one week later, leaving on May 29th 2002.

We are very sorry for the delay.

Thank you for understanding,

Lina La Valle

Quebecor World

Customer service representative, Distribution"

CrossGen Publisher and CEO Mark Alessi wanted to reassure fans that CrossGentakes every possible precaution to prevent late shipments, but that this wasunavoidable as the books were in Quebecor's possession at the time of theerror.

"Everyone here works extremely hard to assure that all our titles ship ontime, every time," said Alessi. "When you do all the right things andsomething like this happens, it's a shame, but it's not the end of theworld. We worked with Quebecor on a solution that would get these books intothe stores when originally scheduled, but the logistics just didn't work. Asmuch as we wanted everyone to have these titles this week, they'll just haveto wait until next week. For this we are extremely sorry."

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