Handyman Steals Quarter-Million Dollars in Original Art from Joe Quesada

Marvel's chief creative officer Joe Quesada is accustomed to publishing stories about dastardly villains, but he recently encountered one of his own who decided to steal original art from him, valued at more than $239,000.

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Francesco Bove has been charged with third degree burglary and second degree theft after illegally moving into Quesada's home in Sparta, New York, and stealing a veritable treasure trove of art. According to a news report, Bove was contracted by Quesada as a handyman to repair water pipes at his home while he was away with his wife. Bove instead covered Quesada's security cameras with towels and illegally moved into the residence with his girlfriend.

According to police reports, Quesada's wife noticed that the cameras' transmissions were blank and asked a friend to investigate. Upon discovering that the cameras had been deliberately blocked, Quesada immediately called Bove, fired him and demanded he leave. Quesada later found out from another friend that a portrait of his wife had gone up for auction, which led to suspicions that they had been burglarized by Bove.

Quesada and his wife returned home to find their collection missing, which included rare comics and original art. He called around and began his mission to recover the pieces from various dealers, which he learned had been presented by Bove to stores with the story that he was given the art because it was water damaged. Bove, who has admitted to the theft, is currently awaiting extradition to Sparta, NJ from Brooklyn following his arrest.

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