Q & A with Comic Book Idol 2's Billy Penn

Here is a sample of the sort of things you'd find on the Comic Book Idol 3 blog, a question and answer with Comic Book Idol 2 contestant (one of eight former contestants who have returned to determine which of this year's entrants make it to the top ten) Billy Penn.

Q: What have you worked on since CBI?

Penn: Competing in CBI2 allowed me to go to San Diego '04 where I was able to meet with DC editors. I did some work for Lebron James' Flava23.com which never saw the light of day. I also met Erik Larsen, who offered me a back-up in Savage Dragon which saw print last November. My first published work. I've spent most of my time post CBI2 drawing books for Platinum Studios ("Hotshot and Mighty Girl" and "Meet the Haunteds") and teaching.

Q: What are you working on today?

Penn: I am currently finishing up "Meet the Haunteds."

Q: How has CBI helped your career?

Penn: First of all, being able to compete was really encouraging and validating. Having strangers voting and posting compliments was very gratifying. On top of the confidence boost. CBI2 was and will always be my first big break which got me noticed.

Q: Have you gotten any work as a direct result of CBI?

Penn: I consider all of my Platinum work and any other work I get as a result (both directly and indirectly) of CBI2.

Q: What did you have to do to take the next step from competing in CBI to getting to where you are now?

Penn: Geez. Um, uh. Being persistent when meeting editors and I continue to pound the pavement (carpet?) at conventions.

Q: What sort of advice do you have for potential CBI contestants to survive potentially five weeks of the contest?

Penn: You HAVE to take it seriously and put your best foot forward. REMEMBER: this is an ART COMPETITION: there will be a winner and nine "not winners." This comes down to a battle of aesthetics and that you wouldn't be competing if you weren't already pretty damn awesome! (not that I think I'm awesome or anything.)

Oh yeah: HAVE FUN

Thanks, Billy!

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