PvP The Series: Launches TODAY!

Official Press Release

Montreal – Blind Ferret Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of PvP: The Series. Produced and financed entirely by Blind Ferret Entertainment, The online series released its first episode today at www.pvponline.com.

Written by Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub, The Animated Series is based on Kurtz's ever-popular daily webcomic, Player vs. Player (PvP). PvP has been published online since May 1998 and has thrived over the past 9 years, reaching out to over 200,000 readers each day through its website. In addition, PvP also releases a monthly comic book through its publisher Image Comics, has been nominated for a Harvey Award and has won the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Digital Comic in 2006.

"I am unbelievably excited, not only to see my characters move and speak, but to deliver it in such a new way." Says Scott Kurtz. "PvP fans get to meet the characters they love again for the first time. And working with Blind Ferret, doing it ourselves, means we don't have to give up any creative control or make any compromises. It's simply the best opportunity that's fallen into my lap since I started the comic in 1998."

"We're taking web-animation to a whole new level", says Randy Waxman, president of Blind Ferret Entertainment. In keeping with the company's focus on high quality productions, Blind Ferret has hired an entirely in-house animation staff to work on PVP: The Series, under the direction of Creative Director Ryan Sohmer.

Kurtz goes on to say "PvP started small and grew into a full-fledged business. I look at this first step into animation with the same expectations. The future looks bright."

PVP: The Series is initially slated for 12 episodes to be produced over the course of 2007. A new 4 to 8 minute episode will be released every month at www.pvponline.com. Readers and fans can sign up for a subscription to view the entire season, or check out a single episode through the online subscription system. A DVD will be released at the end of Season 1.


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