'PvP' moves to Image

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Scott Kurtz's popular independent series, PvP, is moving to Image Comics and will debut in March 2003 with an all-new first issue featuring a cover by Frank Cho.

PvP follows the staff of Player Versus Player Magazine on their daily routine of covering the world of pop-culture, but Kurtz is quick to point out that it's not a comic book about about socially inept geeks who can't get a date or manage to wear a clean shirt.

"PvP is about people like me who were raised as much by popular culture as we were our parents," Kurtz explained. "We eventually grew up, but a part of us is still playing Atari somewhere."

Kurtz distinguished himself as a cartoonist early by choosing to bypass the traditional route of syndication by taking his comic strip, PvP to the Internet instead. Since its debut on the Web in 1998, PvP has grown to a daily readership of over 70,000 people and with Internet traffic of around 8 million page views a month. He began collecting his cartoons and publishing them in comic book format through Dork Storm Press in 2001.

With issue six and a recent trade paperback, PvP STRIPTEASE (collecting selected strips originally published online between 1999 and 2001), available in shops now, Kurtz will relaunch series with an all-new PvP #1, on sale in March.

"It was important to self publish and learn about the industry first-hand," Kurtz said. "My time with Dork Storm Press was invaluable, but PvP is growing to a point where the limitations of self publishing are holding me back. Image came along to save me from all that."

Image Director of Marketing Eric Stephenson said, "This time last year, Image Comics was publishing a grand total of zero humor comics, but with the addition of PvP we've got two of the best on the market. We're incredibly pleased that Scott has chosen to bring PvP to Image to join LIBERTY MEADOWS in broadening the perception of what an Image comic is."

"Scott Kurtz rocks," exclaimed friend and supporter Frank Cho. "His masterpiece, PvP, is delightfully funny and wonderfully simple. Scott's wit and grasp of popular entertainment and obscure references are second to none. Not that many comics make me laugh, but PvP makes me laugh -- out loud AND constantly. I hope someday soon we can work together on a project, but right now I'm just having fun enjoying his work. I'm excited that he's joining the Image family and adding his outrageous comic to Image's stellar line-up."

"Being with Image grants me the means by which to accomplish a life-long dream," Kurtz added. "What Image did for comic books, it's doing again for the comic strip. I'm proud to be among these ranks and to be published alongside LIBERTY MEADOWS. I know that there's a huge push in the industry right now for comics to be taken more seriously. I feel almost guilty taking such delight in drawing a funnybook."

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