Pushing Daisies Creator Explores The Lotus Caves

Despite critical acclaim, Bryan Fuller's Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies both lived up to their titles with short-lived runs on television — but perhaps Fuller will have better luck with his new Syfy project, The Lotus Caves.

Based on the 1969 science fiction novel from writer Samuel Youd under the pseudonym John Christopher, The Lotus Caves tells the story of Marty and Steve, two teenagers who live in a lunar colony. As is the case with most Moon-based youngsters, the teens grow bored and decide to voyage out beyond the confines of their colony. There, they discover something unexpected — a group of intelligent alien lifeforms lurking in the titular caves.

It's currently unclear whether or not Fuller's adaptation of The Lotus Caves will span a full-length series, a miniseries or a telemovie event. Fuller is co-writing a script alongside fellow Daisies alum Jim Grey.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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