Punisher: War Zone, Road To Purgatory: November 4th Comic Reel


We got an email from Valerio Coppola about this interview with military consultant Sgt. Jonathan Barton. Ñ€šÃ‚ "I supervised the stage one combat training of Ray Stevenson in Los Angeles two months before the movie even went into pre-productions," Barton said. "Lexi Alexander wanted to make the most realistic 'Punisher' ever, so she pushed and fought to have me relocate to Canada to join her and the rest of the crew in pre-production in order to help her with the combat choreography and gun play in the film, as well as to continue Ray Stevenson's training and train all the other actors and stunt-men in current weapon handling. Ñ€šÃ‚ I had to supervise, and in some cases design, the types and kinds of guns and other weapons that were being used for Frank Castle. Some of what I wanted to use didn't exist in Canada so I had to contact weapons manufactures in the States and have them build and ship what I needed. I think the final piece didn't arrive until the day we started rolling cameras! After that I switched gears into the filming phase where every day on set I help Lexi with her vision of a true to life Marine Frank Castle. Trust me, never a dull moment working on set for moths of night shoots in one of the worst Canadian winter in years!"


Kryptonsite has the official network description for the November 20th episode, "Bride" as well as screen captures for the November 6th episode, "Bloodline."


An article at The Hollywood News claims that writer Max Allan Collins will direct a film based on his prose sequel to the graphic novel "Road to Perdition." Ñ€šÃ‚ The film will be produced by Jeffrey B. Mallian's JBM Production Company and Joel Eisenberg of EMO Films.


Last week's Lying In The Gutters column here at CBR had a theory on the movie's ending.


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