The Punisher Proves Which Character Is Truly Marvel's Netflix Crossover King

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Punisher Season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Turk Barrett is back, baby! New York City's worst criminal popped up for another Marvel Netflix cameo in The Punisher Season 2, where he became an involuntary pawn in one of Frank Castle's plans. In doing so, he has become the one character who shows that it is, truly, all connected.

Played by Rob Morgan, Turk made his debut right alongside Matt Murdock himself in the Daredevil series premiere. He appeared in five out of Season 1's 13 episodes, often providing information to the increasingly weary Man Without Fear, but that wouldn't be his last cameo. He returned for two episodes of Season 2, where he got caught selling guns by Daredevil. He was also abducted by the Hand this season, but Matt ultimately saved him alongside a dozen other hostages. However, he did not play a role in Season 3.

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Though he didn't return for Jessica Jones Season 1, the hapless criminal did turn up in Marvel's Jessica Jones #1, a prequel comic to the series' debut season. He did, however, show face in the Season 2 episode "AKA Pray for My Patsy." He never interacted with Jessica herself, but he did get a visit from Jeri Hogarth; he ultimately provided her with the firearm that would bring her Season 2 storyline to its bloody conclusion.

Turk also popped up in three episodes of Luke Cage. In Season 1, he played chess with Bobby Fish at Pop's Barber Shop, but his purpose was nefarious: he was there as an informant for Luke Cage antagonist Hernan "Shades" Alvarez. This season also put him in Misty Knight's crosshairs as well as Cottonmouth's, who refused to pay up for Turk's information. Turk also had brief dealings with Diamondback, which landed him in hot water with Luke. In Season 2, however, Turk attempted to go "legit" and opened a head shop; Luke and Danny Rand paid him a visit to learn Bushmaster's location, which he gave up after Luke began purposefully breaking his bongs.

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As with Jessica Jones, Turk only made one appearance in Iron Fist. It seems he must be the only arms dealer in town -- or at least the most conspicuous -- because Ward Meachum and Mary Walker tracked him down in Season 2's penultimate episode. In preparation for their showdown with Davos, Ward and Walker purchased weapons out of the back of his van as he practiced his golf swing nearby.

So far, Turk has turned up in both seasons of The Punisher. In Season 1, he just happened to get in the way of Frank's mission to intercept an arms shipment from Greece. After a tip from Micro, Frank paid Turk a visit on the docks to ask about the shipment, which -- much to Frank's chagrin -- never showed. In Season 2, on the other hand, Turk became an active part of Punisher's plan. Frank tracked him down in "One-Eyed Jacks," the season's fifth episode, and threatened Turk into becoming his liaison with the Russians. The Russians quickly caught on to Turk's lies and used him to lure Frank into a trap. Frank, naturally, was too smart to fall for that and ambushed them at their gym. Turk bore witness to the bloody battle that followed, then told Frank he hoped he'd never see him again.

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Of course, Turk isn't the only Marvel Netflix character to hop between series. For instance, Karen Page is a main character in Daredevil that appears in both seasons of Punisher in a supporting role. Likewise, Daredevil's Foggy Nelson popped up in Jessica Jones Season 2, while Misty Knight joined Colleen Wing for an adventure in Iron Fist Season 2. Then, of course, there's Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, who has played a role in every Marvel Netflix series except Punisher.

However, none of the characters have the ubiquity of Mr. Turk Barrett. Even before the crossover series The Defenders, he was known to just about every Marvel Netflix hero in Manhattan, and then some. With his appearances in Punisher, he surpasses even Claire Temple, who served to connect each Marvel Netflix series prior to The Defenders. Thanks to Turk, Marvel Television's Netflix series make good on the Marvel motto: "It's all connected."

Available now on Netflix, The Punisher Season 2 stars Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle, Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim, Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont and Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix.

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